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Loyola Marymount University

Camper Testimonials

“I absolutely loved the LMU volleyball camp! I had a really great time getting to know all of
the girls, and the coaches really helped me to improve my game!"

- Emily Cheek – Former Camper- Former LMU Volleyball Player

“The camp was really fun, especially being able to stay in the dorms overnight and get
to know the other campers!  The day trip to the beach was my favorite part, but I also
learned a lot about volleyball during the camp. “

- Lauren DeGrandmont – Former Camper -Former LMU Volleyball Player

“It was a good team bonding experience and it helped me
learn team skills in an unstressful environment.

- Diana Hiromoto – Former Camper - Former LMU Volleyball Player

“It was a camp which allowed each player individual attention.”

- Olivia Bailey – Former Camper - Current LMU Volleyball Player