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Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for camp, now what?

First of all on behalf of LMU Volleyball Camp Staff we would like to say Congratulations and Thank You for signing up for one of the premier volleyball camps in the country. Camper check in for the individual all skills camp will begin at 2pm at Whelan Residence Hall- for a campus map, click here. See you then!

Where will my child be staying?

At this time we are not providing housing for our overnight camps.

What is the easiest airport to fly into?

LMU is conveniently located 10 minutes from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). For a fee of $20 the LMU Volleyball Staff will pick up and drop off campers.

What should my kid bring to camp? Will they have bedding? Laundry? Do they need extra cash?

LMU Volleyball Camper Checklist

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Knee Pads
  • Water Bottle
  • Small Workout Towel
  • General Toiletries (Residential Campers Only).
    • Showers are available to all campers, but campers must provide their own towels and soap.
  • Athletic Training Clothing
    • We recommend at least 4 pairs of shorts, 8 t-shirts, and 8 pairs of socks.
    • Laundry facilities are available (though free time to do laundry is limited).
    • Day Campers should bring a change of clothes per day.
  • Other
    • Sunscreen
  • Money for the LMU Bookstore or other miscellaneous items can be useful. Campers often order pizza in the evenings back at the dorms.
  • Linens will be provided for campers

What happens if my child gets hurt? Do you have a trainer in the gym?

There will be an athletic trainer on site that will handle any and all medical needs for the campers. Please be sure to be as detailed as possible when filling out your campers medical form so that we may be prepared to manage your campers needs.

Who is watching them at night in the dorms? Will someone walk them over after practice at night? How far is the gym from the Dorm?

Campers are supervised at all times by LMU Volleyball Camp Staff. Typically the ratio is 10 campers to 1 staff member. A staff member will be supervising the campers to and from all practices. The distance from the dorm to the gym is roughly a 5 minute walk.